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SketchUp Audio Video Experiments


this plugin helps you to place sound sources (URL streams, .mp3, .ogg, .wav, .xm, .mod) in SketchUp environments and allow movement like in real world sound space

tested on :


listen to 3 songs in separate virtual listening booths


  1. download SUAVE demo [ZIP, 135 kb]
  2. unpack using subdirs to SketchUp Plugins directory
  3. restart SketchUp
  4. load suave_demo.skp
  5. select Plugins | [TBD] SUAVE | Demo
  6. move around and listen to the songs
note: walk tool, moving entities that require main screen scroll and page switching will stop due SU internal design

tip: use zoom window on construction points to move faster


music: (c) makunouchi bento
sound library: BASS (c) un4seen development